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T8800-Y(silver)    T8800-PVD(gold)  T8800-Red Bronze

Fingerprint technology:Semiconductor acquisition fingerprint(Swedish FPC)
User capacity: 150 passwords,150 fingerprints
Working voltage:DC6V,DC battery
Working temperature: -30℃~+60℃
Working humidity:10%~85% RH
Error rate: ≤0.0001%
Refusal rate: ≤0.02%
Verification time: ≤300 Millisecond
Password length:6-10 digits
Door thickness:Door thickness for 40-120mm above

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  • Description
Stainless steel mortise,National standard dimension
Stainless Steel panels and handles,sturdy and durable
Semiconductor acquisition fingerprint(Swedish FPC)
Intelligent voice guidance function.
High frequrency password screen,with anti-peeking password inputting function.
Spare mechanical key with ultra B lock core.
Humanization LED screen.
Multi-management with unlock records.
Low voltage alarm function,Spare power interface.
Remote control is useful